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Gift Vouchers and Packages

Our booking system is quirky in that it calls our Session Deals “Gift Vouchers”. We have four different types of session deals from 6 hour (silver), 9 hour (gold) and 15 hour (platinum) and now 21 hour (diamond) packages. The more you buy the better value per session you are buying.

The 6, 9 and 15 hour (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are designed to be used as a combination of 60-minute or 90-minute treatments. The new 21-hour Diamond package is available for those who want the best deal.

You may gift a session to another person of your choosing. Just let Hernan know and he can provide you with a voucher (paper or digital) to present to the person receiving the session.

Your body knows when you need treatments to help you get back to health. Everybody Health offers a series of treatments at a reduced cost. These package deals allow you to keep a constant assessment of how things are going and if you are noticing changes in your body along the whole of the sessions series.

An hour of bodywork treatment is £80 and 90 minutes £105.

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